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Adrian Sameli
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a web enthusiast on the road
In the past two decades, I have worked for different companies and teams in the following positions

Digital Consulting

Temporarily joining a company and supporting the top management. Evaluating digital products and helping to make the right decisions for a prosperous future.

Business Development

Founding a business unit from scratch, defining the services and setting a market strategy. Hiring experienced developers, designers and project managers to form a potent team.

Product Management

Collecting requirements from the business and user's perspective and creating a product roadmap. Working with local and distributed development teams on the backlog.

Usability Engineering

Analysing existing interfaces or creating prototypes and testing them with real users. Processing the learnings into implementable improvements for the development team.

my skills

Web Enthusiast

with a wide range of expertise
Setting high goals, guiding the way and taking all people with me on a great journey to a successful product.
Having a deep understanding for technology and the ability to select or connect additional systems.
Being visually sensitive and always finding improvements to optimise interfaces for the user.
Understanding what the user really needs and bringing all elements together to build the best solution.
Adding more value while having the budget and expenses under control to make every project a success.
Providing the right tools and creating a productive environment in order to allow everybody to excel.
my Mission

What I do

to help you being successful
I am a digital native, using the internet and all its possibilities to improve my and my customers life. Utilising existing tools to build new solutions, optimise business processes or digital campaigns from scratch, is my passion. Everyday, I am acquiring and sharing new knowledge to become more efficient and effective.
my experience

digital native

two decades in the industry

professional consulting


leadership & management 


design & development 


connected online 

«Using new media 
 and innovative technology 
 to connect people and 
 spread knowledge for 
 a better tomorrow.»

my methodology

How I work

using the right approach
Every project is as different as the people working on it. It is important to rely on many years of experience and industrial best practices, as there are many different methods to collaborate and address challenges. Finding the right mixture between individual solutions and proven approaches brings every project to a success.

Individual Assessment

Analysing your project objectives and requirements is the first step to find the best method and solution.

online & transparent

Documenting and sharing the most important items is the basis of a good collaboration.

Lean & Iterative

Always keeping it simple and being focused on one stop while having the big picture in mind.

Agile Development

Planning a roadmap while staying flexible and reacting to changes in requirements and the environment.
my Tools

best practices

just a selection of my arsenal
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+1 415 851 1984
Victoria House, 38 Surrey Quays Rd, London SE16 7DX, UK
IBAN: IE35CPAY99119969312479
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